Mallory Bash takes place in a world waiting to be discovered. In every corner of every house, upon every crooked branch of every tree, from the depths of the Brookwood Forest lakes to the peak of Mt. Skyladder, there are creatures and plants to be documented. Together with her two friends, Saki and Isaac, Mallory treks through Nightdrift’s villages, forests, and caves recording interactions with new people, places, creatures, and artifacts.

Space pirates

A delusional schizophrenic's imagination comes to life, creating a new timeline where humans have colonized the solar system and made contact with various alien species. He becomes the captain of his own pirating ship, The Dreadknot, dragging his psychiatrist and the rest of his team on absurd space adventures.

intelligent life

Geoffrey, an English lizard from London's South End, moves to rural Arizona to find peace. What he finds is a town full of eccentrics and a home infested with nano-machines that bring his various household objects to life.


and the voodoo bear

A funky, afro-sporting bad-ass and his ill-tempered friend, a Grizzly Bear witch doctor, defend and attempt to reclaim their hometown of Cincinnati from the onslaught of rivaling mutant gangs and criminal organizations in the wake of a nuclear apocalypse.


A man in the wake of his own alcoholism toils over his former relationship with a manic-depressive schizophrenic. He reconnects with her and begins having recurring dreams in which he discusses his life with a creature calling himself The Devil.

pie girl

Pie Girl is an animated short concept about a mobile food vendor who races in an annual Vendor Dash competition in the dystopian Outlands to gain business space within the walls of the towering Martian metropolis, Vectra City. Pie Girl seeks vengeance on Angus Ponch, the merciless burger-slinging man-pig that killed her lover in the previous year's race.

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