mallory bash animation reel

Mallory Bash takes place in a world waiting to be discovered. In every corner of every house, upon every crooked branch of every tree, from the depths of the Brookwood Forest lakes to the peak of Mt. Skyladder, there are creatures and plants to be documented. Together with her two friends, Saki and Isaac, Mallory treks through Nightdrift’s villages, forests, and caves recording interactions with new people, places, creatures, and artifacts.


An accident during a boy's baptism leaves him without his memory, transcending the figurative "clean slate."


stops for tea:

Professor Elemental

A music video for Professor Elemental's song "Everything Stops for Tea," from the Father of Invention album. I also designed the cover for this album.

the awakening

A rooster discovers himself on one fateful summer morning.

the motor cortex

and you

An educational video about the functions of the motor cortex.



(Rated PG-13 for cartoon violence, log rolling, and cannibalism.)

the chase

Free samples!

Percy the rapturous

Percy just loves skipping down the street. He loves it so much.

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